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The 7 Figure Freelancer: How to Start, Grow, and Scale Your Freelance Business…

Proven Strategies for turning your side-hustle into a full-time income stream – faster than you thought possible

"...I'm not sure I can fully articulate just how remarkable this book has been for me! It made me realize that achieving the freelance lifestyle was actually well within my grasp."

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New Book For ‘Stuck-In-A-Rut’ Freelancers Unveils In Detail, Exactly How to Build The Most Profitable & Fulfilling Freelance Business of Your Life, Using A System That Finally Demystifies Freelancing!

What You Will Uncover Inside "The 7 Figure Freelancer":

  • …How to position yourself as a top-notch freelancer in a competitive market.
  • ​…Mastering the art of proposals that win you contracts every time.
  • ​Leveraging the right platforms to expand your reach and multiply your earnings.
  • ​Building a sustainable freelancing business that gives you financial freedom and flexibility.
  • ​And so much more!

…It's time to embark on a new, exhilarating, and distinctly unique journey for your freelancing career.

I'm about to introduce you to a system that replaces all the ineffective strategies you’ve been grappling with, using a more straightforward, practical, and predictable roadmap to establishing and expanding a thriving freelance business...

...By finally understanding how to navigate the freelancing world like a seasoned pro!

No special credentials required, and it’s never too late to start. (Even if you think you've missed the boat.)

It’s taken more than a decade, but we’ve meticulously crafted and fine-tuned a fool-proof business model, inspired by the principles of top-notch freelancers...

...And we've been discreetly utilizing it to assist aspiring freelancers like yourself, transition from feeling nervous about taking the next step...

...To confidently and spontaneously executing their unique freelance business in virtually any market scenario - right on cue.

And for the first time ever, I'm unveiling this entire "freelancer-centric" methodology in my new book called, "The 7 Figure Freelancer"…

The book is priced at just $4.95, and you can get your hands on a copy in less than 2 minutes! PLUS, I'm throwing in 3 remarkable FREE BONUSES just for you to test the waters and see if it resonates with you.

If for any reason it doesn’t meet your expectations, I'll happily refund your money, and you can keep the book as a token from me, just for giving it a shot.

Harness this opportunity to revolutionize your freelancing journey. Seize your copy now and set the stage for a prosperous, fulfilling freelance career that you've always dreamed of!

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Wound up reading the entire book on my flight to LA!

It’s very no-nonsense and to the point, which, for anyone who knows your teaching, is no surprise. You provide all of the pertinent info for anyone willing to take the journey on their own. You don’t just teach how to fish. You teach how to catch it, spice it, cook it and then give the reader the tools to make their own meal and it actually be relevant. You really don’t leave anything out… Good stuff, man!


...This system for achieving freelance success is different from any other method out there. If you follow the steps and do the work as outlined here, you'll find your freelancing career improve a ton - and quickly!


...I don't know if I can explain not only how impressed I am, but how eye-opening this book is. It showed me exactly why it was important to change most everything I was doing prior to your method.


This is an absolute “must-read” for anyone trying to take their freelancing to the next level! You are one of the best mentors out there, and your approach and teaching style are radically different from anything I’ve ever seen...


Michael Fleischner, Founder 


My name is Michael and, to be honest, the initial 6-7 years of my freelancing journey were quite disheartening and stagnant.

...I procured all the books, attended all the workshops, and signed up for numerous online courses...

...Investing hundreds and hundreds of hours learning about different freelancing skills, studying market trends, and practicing various strategies.

Yet, despite all that earnest effort, I never really felt like my freelance business was progressing beyond a certain point, unlike what I observed with some peers.

  • I could take on some projects reasonably well if given clear guidelines (although I'd generally avoid the complicated ones)…
  • I could partially mimic some of the strategies I saw other successful freelancers employ…

...But even with a head full of freelancing knowledge, I never really felt like I had the knack to "create" such strategies myself - Much less on the fly!

While other freelancers I knew were praised for showcasing their "freelancing prowess," I’d often be advised to just stick to the basics…


  • ...I’d shun any project that seemed to threaten exposing my lack of particular skills…
  • ​...I’d retreat to my home office to practice all the strategies I’d been told would make me a better freelancer…
  • ​...I’d drown myself in a pile of videos, tutorials, books, and exercises only to end up feeling utterly overwhelmed with an endless ‘to-try’ list…
  • ​...Eventually, my motivation would wane because I simply couldn’t see how my efforts were yielding any tangible results…
  • ​All the while wondering why it's just not clicking for me, when I keep hearing the same recycled advice from all the freelancers I looked up to…

But Then This Happened…

This cycle continued until right around my 7th year of freelancing…

...When by sheer chance I stumbled into a networking event, met and later started collaborating with a freelancing mentor who, I quickly realized, approached freelancing in a way that was drastically different to everything I’d been taught!

Unlike everyone else I’d met, the phrase "freelancing lifestyle" wasn't just a cliché for him.

From our very first conversation, he made me clearly understand that if freelancing was indeed a lifestyle, we should probably be learning it by following a structured process, similar to mastering any professional domain.

But better yet…

...He immediately started laying out a sequence of counter-intuitive "freelance-business-building" activities that had single-handedly elevated his freelancing career to a level of unimagined success.

Funny thing is, almost all of these "business building" activities were the polar opposite of the things I had been devoutly spending most of my time on!

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Respected, Effective, And Confident Freelancer?

(Adopt This Very Specific 'Business-Building' Process And Find Out)

I'll admit…

There were several times in those first 7 years when I was convinced I just didn’t have what it takes either.

...Yet fast forward to today, and as a full-time freelancer, I’ve now collaborated with industry leaders, managed high-profile projects, rubbed shoulders with the creme de la creme in my field, appeared on reputable platforms, and overall just had the most enriching time executing projects with proficient freelancers I respect and admire.

The only reason I’m even mentioning this is to illustrate how drastically things can change even if you feel like you’ve been stuck forever.

And that's why…

...Even though I don’t personally know you, if you’re reading this letter I think there’s a very good chance, you too, are a far superior freelancer than you’ve been able to realize thus far.

Because achieving a high degree of competence in freelancing (even after facing setbacks for several years or a fear of getting started) isn’t a “talent” thing…

It’s a “follow-the-right-process” thing.

And while some people accidentally stumble into doing the right things, just by virtue of hustling 14 hours a day, then learning and consistently adapting over 20 years…

That’s not what I want for you.

Most of you don’t have the time it’ll take to travel that route.

Instead, I want to show you exactly;

...How to accurately and intentionally treat freelancing like a serious profession, attain proficiency fast, and witness an almost immediate and undeniable improvement in: 1) the projects you take on, 2) your confidence and ability to freelance and and shine when collaborating with other professionals.

How To Navigate The Freelancing Realm With Ease — And Achieve Financial Prosperity!

Inside "The 7 Figure Freelancer", I’ll unveil the precise roadmap we now employ to assist part-time freelancers (who don’t necessarily hustle 20 times a month or dedicate countless hours daily), to expedite their journey to standing tall amongst seasoned pros…

…Without convoluted theories or years of tedious conventional methods—By grasping how freelancing can naturally be mastered the same way we ace any professional endeavor!

In the book you’ll discover;

  • The single strategy you should likely adopt if you’re well-versed with freelance basics, yet find yourself stagnant, and wish to move forward…
  • ​The "secret" behind getting projects much faster than you currently do, and why some freelancers can "drop into" a project with seemingly little or no effort…
  • ​A critical "project acquisition" misstep most struggling freelancers unwittingly commit, that hamper their progress from the get-go—And how to rectify it even years down the line!
  • ​Why most individuals’ attempts at learning and utilizing freelancing tools and platforms fail them and what to pursue instead.
  • ​The ONE THING that most accurately forecasts who thrives in the freelancing domain and who doesn’t—And why this same "skill" is what will ultimately lead you to devising freelancing strategies that most other freelancers would never conceive…
  • ​Why almost every stuck freelancer is likely misapplying foundational freelancing ideas that simply aren’t effective.
  • ​The 3 indispensable yet seldom-discussed steps that culminate in us being able to conceive ideas and articulate them instantaneously—And how you can directly apply these exact same steps to accelerate your freelance business!
  • ​The 3 types of "market education" necessary to navigate any freelancing niche proficiently and why they are exactly what’s missing if you hope to ever deliver projects effectively…
  • ​How much freelancing experience you genuinely need and exactly where to source it…
  • ​The missing steps to owning your own successful freelance business… I'll delineate an exact replicable process to follow!
  • ​Undeniably, the single best approach I’ve ever used to developing remarkable scale among your ideal clients… doing what you love to live the freelance lifestyle!
  • ​How to overcome the fear of getting started (or taking the next step) to scale and grow your Freelance business to 7-figures.

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…And for a very limited time, when you order tyour copy of “The 7 Figure Freelancer” book for just $4.95, you also get the following three free bonuses:

Also Included With Your Order

Bonus #1

The Winning Proposal

Over $1M in sales from this proven template!

One of the biggest hurdles in freelancing is crafting a proposal that not only wins over clients but also seals the deal. It can be a daunting process with a laundry list of do's and don'ts.

Remember this... "Simplicity and clarity lead to good design," especially when it's about presenting your services in a compelling manner!

That's why, in this bonus, I’ve encapsulated a tried-and-tested proposal template that has generated over $1M in actual sales. It's not about shooting in the dark; it's about following a proven blueprint to construct winning proposals every single time!

Let’s make this straightforward…

...Grab the book, utilize the template in this bonus, and watch your client base grow day by day!

Bonus #2

79 Amazing Resources for Freelancers

Your treasure trove to thriving in the freelancing world!

The journey from a novice freelancer to a pro isn’t meant to be traversed alone. There are myriad resources out there to propel you forward; the challenge is finding the right ones.

In this bonus, I am going to unveil 79 amazing resources every freelancer should have in their arsenal. From tools that enhance productivity, to platforms that broaden your exposure, this bonus is your shortcut to a flourishing freelance career.

Picture this… A toolkit so rich and comprehensive, you'll find yourself surging ahead in the freelancing realm, equipped with the right resources at your fingertips!

Bonus #3

Top Websites for Freelancers

Where freelancers can find work!

The freelance ecosystem is vast and finding the right platforms to showcase your skills and find work can be like finding a needle in a haystack.

In this bonus, I lay down a curated list of top websites where freelancers can find work. It's about positioning yourself in the right markets, where opportunities are abundant and clients are seeking your expertise.

In just a few clicks, you'll discover platforms that can serve as launchpads for your freelancing ventures.

Let's cut through the noise and direct you to the platforms that matter. With this bonus, you're not just searching for opportunities; you're stepping into a realm where opportunities find you!

Seize this limited-time offer to not only gain invaluable insights from "The 7 Figure Freelancer" but also bag these 3 exceptional bonuses that will significantly ramp up your freelancing journey!

How Can We Offer The Book & All These Bonuses For A Single One-Time Fee Of Just $4.95?...

No! That’s not a typo...

...The book and all the bonuses I listed above really are all yours for a one time payment of just $4.95...

There are no hidden charges, no recurring memberships, neither is there a catch.

The reason I'm doing this is because I’m trying to make this new book an immediate bestseller, and the laziest way I can think of doing so is to "bribe" as many people as possible to get a copy with an outlandish amount of free stuff and teeny-tiny price.

Get "The 7 Figure Freelancer" And All 3 Bonuses For Just $4.95*

(*One time payment, NO hidden or recurring charges)

  • A digital copy of "The 7 Figure Freelancer" book
  • ​The "Winning Proposal" template
  • ​"79 Amazing Resources for Freelancers" guide
  • ​"Top Websites for Freelancers" listing

Get Everything Above Today For Just $4.95

You'll receive "The 7 Figure Freelancer" digital e-book and all the bonuses listed above, within 2-5 minutes of ordering.

Here's What People Are Saying About "The 7 Figure Freelancer" Book...

...The strategies and resources provided (along with the additional bonuses) have been real game-changers for my freelancing career. If anybody is lost in the “how to freelance” wilderness (like I was), I hope they find this goldmine.


I regard the model you prescribe as a remedy for the “stuck in a rut” syndrome that has haunted me and others for years. The book is a must-read/must-apply for those who wish to unleash their freelancing potential - at will...


I have been freelancing for almost a decade. Your approach to building a successful freelance business is unlike any that I have seen before. While many great coaches talk about freelancing as a career, you are the only mentor to my knowledge who has devoted the time and research to really explain what this means and why so many more traditional methods lead to frustration. I highly recommend it!


I gotta say I love this book... Absolutely brilliant!

To test, learn, study then distill these strategies down in such a clear, concise and powerful way is something approximating business genius...


You'll receive "The 7 Figure Freelancer" digital e-book and all the bonuses listed above, within 2-5 minutes of ordering.

Absolutely! Here’s the updated guarantee for "The 7 Figure Freelancer":

No Questions Asked

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Try It Risk Free For 90-Days!

I'll make this real simple... "The 7 Figure Freelancer" book will show you everything I said on this page, and more...

It is the ultimate blueprint for freelancers who truly want to build a successful and fulfilling freelance business, earning a substantial income while doing what they love.

If you are not fully satisfied, just let my team know at and, not only will we refund your purchase, BUT I'll also let you keep the book as a gift just for giving it a try!

I'll even extend this guarantee for a full 90 days so you have more than enough time to implement the strategies, utilize the resources, and see some actual results.

Are You Ready To Uncover The Secrets Behind Building A 7-Figure Freelance Business?

The vast majority of freelancers we engage with have spent countless years spinning their wheels without ever really knowing exactly what to do to truly elevate their freelancing game to the next level.

They've been through many unproductive pitching sessions, endless revisions, hundreds of hours of online courses, YouTube™ videos, and even scattered private consultations... Yet ultimately have so little progress to show for it.

Trust me... I know the struggle.

I ran the same hamster wheel for more than 7 years myself.

But I assure you, with what I know today about utilizing the proven strategies and resources outlined in "The 7 Figure Freelancer", I would've been earning substantially more than I did then - In less than 2 years!

And I could've done it in a fraction of the time I spent aimlessly searching for the right clients and pitching all the wrong proposals.

It's this very same strategy for freelancers that I want to introduce you to today for less than the cost of a coffee at Starbucks™!

Get "The 7 Figure Freelancer" And All 3 Bonuses For Just $4.95*

(*One time payment, NO hidden or recurring charges)

  • A digital copy of "The 7 Figure Freelancer" book
  • ​The "Winning Proposal" template
  • ​"79 Amazing Resources for Freelancers" guide
  • ​"Top Websites for Freelancers" listing

Get Everything Above Today For Just $4.95

You'll receive "The 7 Figure Freelancer" digital e-book and all the bonuses listed above, within 2-5 minutes of ordering.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this book for?

This book is for individuals who are looking to start or expand their freelance business, earn extra income, and pursue what they love. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned freelancer facing a plateau, "The 7 Figure Freelancer" is designed to provide you with actionable strategies and resources to elevate your freelancing game.

Why should I follow the strategies outlined in this book/how is this different?

"The 7 Figure Freelancer" leverages proven business strategies, effective marketing techniques, and valuable resources to help freelancers achieve success. Unlike other guides, it provides a comprehensive yet straightforward approach to freelancing, addressing common challenges and offering practical solutions.

What exactly am I getting?

With your purchase, you'll receive a digital copy of "The 7 Figure Freelancer" book, plus three invaluable bonuses: "The Winning Proposal," "79 Amazing Resources for Freelancers," and "Top Websites for Freelancers." These bonuses are curated to provide additional support and resources to kickstart and sustain your freelancing journey.

How come it's only $4.95 with all these bonuses?

We believe in providing immense value to help freelancers thrive. At $4.95, we aim to make this resource accessible to as many individuals as possible, ensuring that price is not a barrier to achieving freelancing success.

How quickly will I get all my stuff?

Upon completing your purchase, you will receive instant access to the digital book and bonuses. Everything is delivered electronically, ensuring that you can dive into the content and start applying the strategies right away.

What if I don't like it? I'm not real big on taking risks...

No worries! We offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee valid for 90 days from your purchase. If you are not fully satisfied, just let our team know, and we will refund your purchase. Plus, you can keep the book and bonuses as a gift for giving it a try!

Can I see some reviews? ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Absolutely! We have a section above filled with testimonials from individuals who have benefitted greatly from "The 7 Figure Freelancer" and the bonuses included. Check out their experiences to get a sense of the impact this offer could have on your freelancing career.

P.S. The next move is up to you...

The book is only $4.95, it comes with three (3) killer bonuses you can NOT find anywhere else, and a 90-day money-back guarantee if you don't like what you see.

You owe it to yourself to at least check this out.

Click the order button below and grab your copy now.

You'll receive "The 7 Figure Freelancer" digital e-book and all the bonuses listed above, within 2-5 minutes of ordering.

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